Who are we?

Child Studies @ UCR is a collection of research groups in the Department of Psychology at UC Riverside that specialize in studying infant and child development. All of the studies take place on the UCR campus in one of the following laboratories. If you have general questions about participating in studies, please email us at ucrchildstudies@gmail.com .

If you are involved in a study with one our labs, please contact that lab directly with any questions.

Research labs:


Childhood Cognition Lab

Cognitive Development Lab

Culture and Child Development Lab

Emotion Regulation Lab

Kids Interaction and Neurodevelopment Lab

Learning & Language Lab

Perception, Action, & Development Lab

Psychology of Language Lab

We study how infants

and children:
  • - Crawl, walk, and reach
  • - Interact with other people
  • - Manage feelings of stress
  • - Understand movies & TV
  • - Succeed in school

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